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We are
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Mobile first

From the ground up, Topi is designed
with mobile in mind.


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Participants can use the advanced search to filter the list of participants and identify the most relevant people before and during the event.
Facilitate both in-person and in-app networking Attendees can easily identify and connect with other participants based on mutual interests and/or backgrounds.
Participants can take conversations private with interesting people and create post-event connections.
Participants can link their app profile to their social networks and leverage enriched information for better networking. Participants can publish regular updates to the outside world without ever leaving the app.
The end of the business card. Facilitate networking and post-event interactions by enabling participants to send LinkedIn invites right from the app.
Participants can go beyond text, with shared photos, sketches, maps, and audio messages.
The end of paper – save time and money. Everything you need to make your event more productive is available – from searchable agendas/schedules, maps, speaker info, event details, etc. Event participants can access and personalize your content at any time on their mobile device.
Use your customize event dashboard to instantly send updates or pre-scheduled messages to all participants via in-app notifications. Make your event more productive by communicating with participants before, during, and after the event.
Monetize your event app and showcase your sponsors' logos in a premium placement with rotating banner, giving them more targeted exposure.
Improve the relevance of your event by engaging participants with surveys, feedback and questions directly into your event app and get instant results.
Improve control and content protection during your event through our proprietary geo-fencing capability. Set up as many event locations as needed and let attendees seamlessly join events and remotely connect with participants everywhere. Allows sponsors and exhibitors to target attendees based on their location during and post event.
Let participants build their own schedule, connect with others attending the same sessions, learn more about the speakers, ask question, etc.

Getting started

Set up your event
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    Set it up yourself

    You're in control. Customize the app any way you want using our self-service web interface. Of course we're always around if you need us.
  • Take it for a spin

    Take it for a spin

    Give the app a try. Download Topi, use the preview code for your event, and get a feel for what participants will experience. Make as many changes as you want to get it right.
  • Go live

    Go live

    After completing the set up, make your event live and send a link to the free app to all participants ( You can continue to modify your event anytime.

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