we connect people
in a random world

Replacing serendipity
with ingenuity

Keeping in touch with people you know is easier than ever, but connecting with the ones you don't know yet is still left up to chance—or worse, nametags.

Our mission is to give serendipity a hand, and connect everyone at any event.

Unique. Powerful. Fun.

Discover great people

Topi provides a natural way for like-minded people to break the ice and connect by quickly browsing rich and relevant profiles.

Don't be a stranger

Making new connections is hard; making valuable ones is even harder. Topi shows you people nearby and computes a PeopleRank  score to quickly identify the most relevant profiles.

Stay in touch

Events bring people together. Topi makes it easy to build communities that last longer by combining the best elements of networking and communication apps within a single solution.

Speak their language

Today’s audiences are global and increasingly diverse. Topi eliminates any language barriers by offering instant translations  in over 70 languages.

It's all about location


Create an event by defining one or many geo-fences and connect your audience anywhere in the world. Geo-fencing allows you to securely share content and enable GPS-based sign-in for example.


We take our geo-location expertise indoors by offering a unique turnkey solution: Beaconnected. For example, scavenger hunts, check-ins, or brand activations requiring a precise geo-location are now possible.

Read our blog post  or check our Beaconnected program.

Get started in minutes

Set it up yourself

Build your own app using our intuitive dashboard. Add content, branding, and adjust everything as needed in real-time. If you need help, we're just a click away!

Go live and promote

We'll provide marketing and communication tips to send to your audience. Interested in pre-event networking? Share your unique event code with anyone you want.

Grow the community

Once your audience connects with Topi, watch how they discover and interact with each other. Don't be surprised if they continue to use Topi's powerful communication and networking features post-event!

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